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What’s the story behind the Harrow floor sanding company HA1, and what do we do? It all started two decades ago when we decided there was an opening in the market for a bespoke floor sanding service in the Harrow area that would be affordable as well as professional. As word spread about our good work we kept at it, and we’re still doing much the same things today.​



As home and business owners in HA2 Harrow realise just what beautiful hidden assets they possess in their wooden floors and seek to restore them, we provide the one-stop-shop they need. Every wooden floor is different and we’ve become quite good at bringing the beauty out with the most appropriate course of treatment. ​

At the Harrow floor sanding company we actually take the time and trouble to pin down exactly what our customers want. Sometimes they’re not even sure themselves, and then we become educators, revealing the possibilities in natural wood and how to harness it to greatly beautify the property.



As we take environmental responsibility seriously, we ensure that the full range of stains and finishes we use is eco-friendly. In short, we’re non-toxic and your home will remain free of harmful chemicals, so toddlers and asthmatics alike will be better off because of our green approach to the work.



With every project we undertake, no matter how big or small it may be, we aim to give our customers the best possible experience. Rather than just tolerating our presence for a day or two we’ll make sure that you actually enjoy the relationship and are inspired by what you can learn from us. Our clear passion for wood is frequently mentioned in customer Testimonials .

To find out much more about our complete range of floor sanding and finishing services in Harrow, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. You can also book a free, no-obligation on-site assessment by speaking to one of our friendly team. We’re sure you’ll be delighted at just how completely a grubby old floor can be transformed through our treatment!

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