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Are you caught on the horns of a dilemma, wondering whether it’s best to go for a sand-and-polish job or a full renovation? It all depends on the condition of the floor, but we’ve drawn up this list of services offered by the Harrow floor sanding and renovation experts to help you reach a decision. Find out more by contacting us for advice on this and any other matters, or to arrange a free on-site assessment, and we’ll be delighted to help.​


Our first service when we started out 20 years ago, floor sanding remains hugely popular with our customers in Harrow HA2. The team will turn up by prior arrangement and use their dust-elimination machines to strip off the top, dirty layers from the wood to expose the fresh wood beneath and make it ready for taking the finish.


When a wooden floor has been neglected for years and smothered by fitted carpets it’s not going to look too good, is it? It’s our job as the premier Harrow floor sanding and restoration experts to decide on the best treatment to make it fit for purpose once more. This will usually involve repairing, sanding and finishing the boards to make them sparkle once again.


Typical repair work to a wooden floor will normally involve using resin and silicon fillers to plug the gaps and replacing sections of floorboards, or individual parquet tiles. This will eradicate creaks but also seal the floor so that draughts don’t get set up between the floor and airbricks in the outer walls, causing heat loss and rising gas and electricity bills!


The stains that we use on floors in Harrow HA1 are entirely eco-friendly and non-allergenic. Noxious chemicals are not a part of our kit! We have many different colours and shades to choose from. You could have warm, rich hues for a reception space, or perkier tones for a child’s room. We’ll advise and guide you through the maze of options, so don’t worry about making a decision right now.


Applying a finish to the repaired, sanded and cleaned floor is the magic final touch that turns it into the object of desire. Our eco-friendly varnishes, waxes, stains and lacquers are the best available and we choose them for different purposes. For example, you might want your kitchen floor sealed with a good coat of varnish, or a warm glow put into your bedroom floorboards by using a stain and wax application.


A parquet floor requires a delicate and experienced touch if you wish to see it sanded back to perfection – most definitely NOT a job for a happy amateur! Parquet is unlike normal wooden flooring in that it is made of small separate tiles. If you go over these with a regular industrial sanding machine you’ll just rip it up. Leave this job to the Harrow parquet floor sanding experts and you won’t regret it.


The old bitumen-based adhesives that were used to lay original parquet flooring are devilishly difficult to remove! But they must go and be replaced with modern and much more effective materials. Again, this is skilled and delicate work so leave it to us. Parquet is back in fashion now, so if you’re lucky enough to have some don’t take any risks with it. Let the professionals restore it back to parquet perfection!


You may have a nice parquet floor that needs only a few tiles to be replaced or fixed back into position. Again, because of changes in methods and materials, this is best left to experts who know what they’re doing. The beauty of original parquet can be completely lost when it is not expertly repaired.


Everything loses its shine eventually and a hardwood floor is no exception. A good polish will usually do the trick of restoring it to its former glory. It will have to be thoroughly buffed beforehand, however, so give us a call to arrange a session and you’ll have your floor back to its shiny former self in no time at all.


To reduce heating bills as well as eliminate annoying squeaks when you walk across it, your flooring should have no gaps between the individual boards. We seal these up with advanced resin and silicon sealants and fillers as part of the preliminary repair stage. These are eco-friendly materials that will not exacerbate any allergenic conditions.


A newly sanded and finished wooden floor should last for quite a few years provided you look after it properly. Getting it professionally buffed and polished every so often will extend its life no end, especially if it’s in an area that experiences a lot of traffic, especially from kids and pets. Contact us to arrange this for you and for general advice about caring for your wooden flooring. ​


When visitors to your office space are confronted by an immaculate expanse of clean, polished, fresh wooden flooring they’ll be suitably impressed. It will speak volumes for your efficiency and businesslike approach. We’ll be happy to work outside of office hours to keep the disruption to a minimum.


The wooden flooring in schools is subjected to more abuse than most and therefore it not only has to look good but also be capable of withstanding constant abuse by hundreds of not-so-tiny feet! We’re used to renovating and polishing literally miles of school flooring in corridors, halls, classrooms and gyms. We can carry out all necessary work during school holidays to get the flooring looking great for your fresh new term.


When it comes to having a strict green policy we walk the walk as well as just talking about it. We select from our range of eco-friendly, non-allergenic seals and finishes for the particular job in hand and according to customer wishes to bring out the best in a wooden floor.

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